Somaliland infigures booklets

Administrative data refers to information collected primarily for administrative purposes.  This type of data is collected by government institutions and other private sectors for the purposes of registration, transaction and record keeping, usually during the delivery of a service. In principle, having a centralized agency being able to obtain administrative data from all government branches and private sector and then maintain and combine it and supply de-identified data to approved research projects, as in the Somaliland case, is an attractive model. Therefore, Central Statistics Department of Somaliland fulfilling its duty and responsibility, every year carries out data collection, compile and produce a booklet that covers all administrative data available in the country as whole. Although the primary purpose of administrative data is for internal use in the administration of work programs in a particular public institution or/and private company, this does not preclude the use of such data for other statistical purposes. In fact, collection, combination and production of such booklet which holds a rich source of data that can be utilized for many statistical analytical purposes.