Functions of CSD

Functions of CSD The CSD is the supreme organ which regulates and coordinates the national statistics in Somaliland as the Somaliland Statistics Act augmented. In particular, Article 4 of the Act clearly defines the functions of the Central Statistics Department, stating that the CSD shall in favor the following:
1. Collect, compile, analyze, furnish, disseminate and publish statistics.
 2. Organize and conduct censuses and other statistical surveys alone or in cooperation with the competent Ministries, regional or district authorities, local administration or autonomous agencies.
3. Conduct statistical researches.
4. Develop uniform statistical definitions, classifications and procedures to be applied by Ministries, local administrations, autonomous agencies or any other bodies engaged in the collection, compilation and analysis of statistics.
5. Supervise and coordinate statistical work of all Ministries, Local Administrations and Autonomous agencies.